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Floor plans are only part of the "foundation" that Schwinn Homes builds upon. Just as important as choosing the right plan for your new home is selecting a builder that you can trust to stand behind the work after construction is completed.

Having the ability to design our own homes within our office, personal attention is not only evident through the initial phase of design, but through each phase of the home building process. Throughout the design stage, we ask ourselves, "How would we like to live in this plan?" We believe our homes should be designed around the people who live in them, not the reverse. Floor plans are analyzed for storage space, furniture placement, traffic patterns, durability and functionality of design. Each home sold, from first time buyers to long time property owners, is customized to fit the individual client.

Most importantly, each home is given the same attention, with no compromise of standards for even the most basic designs and price tags. It's all part of the Schwinn quality promise. 

If you'd like us to design something just for you or if you have a plan of your own, we'd love to discuss the options with you.

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